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Learn to Paint Blooms in the USA

Blooms Painting workshops online plus a free workshop in LA

Go from a newbie to a confident painter with my Blooms Painting Program & enjoy my
2 day Blooms Painting Workshop in Los Angeles 
October 25 & 26

The October 2 day workshop Worth US $997 is FREE for the first 10 U.S. participants to book  my online Blooms Painting Program
For purchases Prior to October 15, 2017

No previous art experience necessary

Do you long to create beautiful paintings but can’t get started?
My name is Jacqueline Coates, and I am an artist and teacher known for unlocking the secrets to painting for my students, and accelerating their progress to become artists. You can check me out by putting my name or Blooms Painting Workshops into Youtube or google. I've been an artist for 30 years and a teacher for 15 years.





Learn to paint from scratch with my proven Jacqueline Coates Blooms Painting Method®
Take the pain out of learning to paint.
Here’s what some of my students have had to say about my painting workshops and online teaching programs;

Jac, thanks for a great week, lovely group of girls, and great to be totally immersed in our painting!
We’ve all walked away feeling really proud and amazed at we’ve learned and the beautiful works we’ve produced.

A teacher's Demo in workshop time

Jacqueline’s workshop was like visiting Heaven for a short exhilarating, enlightening, and extremely energetic while. She answered all my questions, and was so free with her skills and knowledge. I learned more in this 7 day workshop than all the years I have studied art, which has been substantial. The tutorial components were professional, highly educational, and practical while fostering creativity and friendships in our group.

Jac also shared her life journey, tricks of the trade, aspects of how to turn painting into an attractive career choice, and last but not least her bubbly personality. It was an absolute joy, although tough at times, to be part of this life changing experience.
Kind regards   Diana Orth

HI Jac, I just thought you might like to know what I am up to. I have done another peony painting but more than that I have cleaned out half of my garage and now have a spacious studio space. I painted a wall white for display purposes - the only lined part of it - the rest is metal. 
I am cutting back on a days work from the end of April so I will do 4 day weeks and will have a day for painting. I have a lovely gift shop that has offered to display my work and also have been offered a space for an exhibition later this year in Prahran. 
However I am not sure about the exhibition yet. I need to look at the space and get some work done! Thankyou so much. I found your class amazing and cannot believe the energy/power I am feeling about painting. I just feel different in a great way.
Kind regards,
Noela, Melbourne
Student painting

Student painting
You have filled my head with so much lovely stuff, the ideas and
sparks are flying, can't wait to see where we are going next!
 Penny Stanton, NSW

From Busy Mum to Full time painter in New Jersey!

I had the privilege of working with Sarah Mairo from new Jersey long distance. She learned to paint with me and now she exhibits and sells her stunning work! Here is what she had to say at a group shopw she was part of in Australia last September;

When I was an adult I found myself exploring art museums. It’s been an evolving relationship which curiously has drawn me closer in over time. Over the past five years since being home with the children, I have had the time to explore this more. Ever curious I picked up the paint brushes and explored what happens with paint on canvas, studying with a mentor.

At first I felt nervous about what would happen. But with a little guidance I found my feet and discovered I could do this painting thing, and I love being in my studio and creating.
This has been my secret passion I am now sharing. I love bold and colourful and I love expressing myself on large canvases. Painting the natural world has drawn me in too.  Painting a microcosm I’ve made into a macro world takes me into many exciting fields of colour.

Here I am declaring myself to the world about my creations. Let’s see what happens next! It’s a journey and I am loving it. I hope you enjoy my paintings too.

What’s in the online pack offer for Blooms USA?

A weekly painting eclass for 52 weeks

·       My proven 52 week blooms weekly e-lessons to do at your own pace- learn how paint a range of subject matter from the How to Paint Blooms Online E-class series that has helped hundreds of newbies become fully fledged painters worth US$779 inc bonus photo references pack

60 Online videos how to problem solve painting issues plus how to’s as per my Blooms Painting Workshops in Australia


My NEW Blooms Painting PROGRAM App for iphone or ipad with Workshop demonstration videos so you can experience the empowering Blooms workshops I conduct all over Australia. You too can access the workshop demos that have changed the lives of hundreds of participants.  Learn to paint Blooms at mid to large size. Empower yourself to paint mid and large size canvases. Enjoy stunning results! Valued at US $2257

Learn to paint roses, peonies, frangipanis, tulips, waterlilies, pears, figs, blossoms and more and receive stunning photo reference to paint from that sets the foundation for beautiful paintings.

Hundreds of dollars of stunning photo reference to paint from inspired by Monet’s garden, and flowers from around the world
Valued at US$497

Step by step classes and references so you can create an assured outcome with your paintings for large blooms paintings as per my Blooms Painting Workshops in Australia
·       My NEW BLOOMS PAINTING WORKSHOP MANUAL teaching  step by step how to paint mid to large size paintings with actual examples and the photo references to paint them yourself $US 997

·       2 skype sessions with Jacqueline Coates. I’ll keep you on track with your painting and your goals. Receive mentoring support for your paintings. Sessions worth US$297

Special offer for my first US visit US$3497
Save $1330

AND RECEIVE THESE BONUSES worth a further $1614 , I know will accelerate your skills!

·       Paint Brush License Manual and Videos- gain control of your paint brush!
Learn how to manage and control your paint, the first all important step to creating the paintings you will love. This is a game changer enabling complete newcomers to painters to be able to paint valued at US$197

·       Bonus Colour Mixing Exercise-How to mix thousands of colours and save hundreds of dollars with five tubes of paints Valued at US$120

·       Fab 5 Mentor pack INCLUDING;
-When and how to call yourself an artist
          -How to earn while you learn
-5 Steps to Reboot your Creative Mojo
-How to set up your art studio
-How to value yourself as an artist and protect your create energies Valued at US$300

·       Access to the Members Facebook Page for the first ever US group of ten students at FB Paint Blooms USA Members. Enjoy the support of like-minded others on the art journey and I’ll encourage and inspire you.

·       And for the first ten bookings you will receive an invitation to participate in the Free 2 Day Workshop in LA for the October dates worth US$997

That a total of BONUSES worth $1614 at no charge including the invitation to join Jacqueline in person for her famous Blooms Painting Workshop

That’s a total cost of  US$3497
for $6441 of value
Save a massive $2944 
as I debut my already proven teaching methods in the US

BOOK NOW ; Contact

Pay via credit card or paypal. Deposit required at time of booking with the balance due by Sept 30

Do I have to be a BLOOMS PAINTING PROGRAM online member to come to your two day Blooms in LA? 

Yes, you sure do. I want to share my teaching methods with motivated action takers who are going to do something great with the amazing knowledge I have to share. 
I can work with ten people in person for two days to support you with your online program so I want to know that the students I have in the room are committed to doing more than two days of painting, they want creativity on their lives.
The two days in person session is my free gift for action takers and a celebration of the fact I am bringing my teaching gift to America to make a difference for others.
Jacqueline Coates your mentor demo'ing a painting sample for the group at a workshop

Where is the LA venue?

The venue is called THE ROOM DOWNTOWN 
and it’s at
704 S.Spring Street
Los Angeles 90014
It’s a centrally located studio and close to cafes and amenities.
Hours for our two day workshop are 8.45am to 5.30pm daily
October 25 & 26, 2017

What if I've never painted before ?
That’s no problem. I start with total newbies all the time and the results you see on you tube and in my ads are not specially selected, they are the norm. About half my class are totally new to painting. The Jacqueline Coates Blooms Painting Method® is a proven way to accelerate your learning and take the pain out of painting and making mistakes. I have loads of tips and brilliant techniques to show you that help you achieve a fabulous outcome very quickly.

Will you be visiting other parts of the states ?
In time I'd like to visit other parts of the states but for the moment Los Angeles
Is going to keep me busy so that's the offer I have available and I make no promises for the future.

Some of my past and current students in Australia who are going gang busters with their paintings, and started with the Blooms Painting Workshop are shown here below;

Is it too late to learn to paint? I’m in my fifties

The best time to paint is from a mature age because by this time you have so many things sorted out and have more time to focus. 

Imagine art school students fresh out of high school and think back to when you were that age, and still learning how to do the basics such as come up with income, live in a shared house, handle your raging hormones and work out who you are. Things are much steadier by the forties onwards, and we have so much life experience under our belts.
It's never too late to let your creativity bloom!
The students shown above here did my Blooms Workshop and went on to enjoy further mentoring and as a result have careers as artists.

What if I miss out on one of the ten places ?
Can I still join your program? 
Of course you can enjoy the program online still and I'll be back to share my unique methods so I will wait list you for a 2 day workshop.

You will simply start the program online now then be first in line for my next 2 day blooms event in LA or closest location!

How do I know this program is right for me? 

This program is ideal for you if;

ü You are hungry to learn and want it now from a mentor who has done the hard work for you
ü Want guidance to make painting easy and get great results
ü Want to feel appreciated for your creative efforts
ü Love a live workshop and the ability to work at home and continue your learning, plus enjoy like-minded others in our private Facebook community.
ü Want to enjoy some skype mentoring to keep you on track.
ü Are keen to develop a new area of your life and give yourself a creative reboot!

HOW TO BOOK your Limited Edition place!

1. To book your place contact Jacqueline Coates at
And include your Facebook address and skype and your best times to contact, anything I need to know about you healthwise, and if you have any experience.
2. A sign up form will be sent to you at which time a deposit will be required of $997 US.

3. Once your deposit is paid, you will receive the how to paint blooms online e-course which is supplied as a weekly email.
You will be joined to the How to paint blooms group on Facebook.

4. Payment 2 will be required for the balance by Sept 30, or as soon as you are ready at which point I will be releasing all of your bonuses and signing you into the Blooms Painting Program App which shows you how to go to a larger size canvas and many instructional videos to support your journey of actual painting demos, painting fixes and tips. The Blooms App will be ready Sept 30 and I will be continuing uploads to the app early October.

5. Then we have our two day get together in LA October 25 & 26. Full details will be provided. All art supplies are supplied. Morning and afternoon tea are supplied. Lunch own responsibility. We are located near lots of cafes.

6. Enjoy painting and furthering your creative skills, tuning in for skype sessions, sharing your work on Facebook in two art community private pages where I will comment and inspire you.

What happens in the 2 day free workshop?
We are working on getting easels but if not we will work on table top. So we will either paint two canvases 18 inch square or work on one a mid size canvas 30 inches x 40 inches.
You will have the opportunity to work through painting methods with me, see lots of demos and try them yourself, and build a painting from scratch. This is a workshop that has helped thousands of others to go and create amazing work even if they have never painted before.

I have taught my live workshops in New Zealand, all over Australia and in France and the UK over the past 15 years. Now it’s time to share it in America. I’ve taught all over the world online. I’m excited to see what you think.

Paint Blooms UK at Hathersage Derbyshire. My teaching takes me places to help others achieve their painting dreams

Be quick to join my 2 day Blooms Painting Workshop in Los Angeles 
October 25 & 26
BOOK NOW ; Contact 

Pay via credit card or paypal. Deposit required at time of booking with the balance due by Sept 30

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