Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Free up your painting with my New Blooms FREESTYLE Workshops

Learn how to paint Blooms Freestyle with loads of texture and playfulness!




BAROSSA  3 Day Blooms DECEMBER 8, 9 & 10, 2017 

 SYDNEY @WILLOUGHBY  3 Day Blooms JAN 4-6, 2018 

 MELBOURNE @Glen Iris  3 Day Blooms JAN 18-20, 2018 

BRIS @METRO ARTS  3 Day Blooms JULY 28,-30, 2018 

Every now and again, it’s time to bust out and paint freestyle letting the creative energies have a safe porthole to get out and show what they can do!

When in that exciting place to create it's not about everything being perfect, because other elements such as colour, texture and movement take over. The result is beautiful and very free in style in the art itself. 

This could get messy in the best possible way!

Transform how you use acrylic paint!
I was feeling like a change recently and thought to myself I will bring this workshop to  my students who love the idea of being less tightly detailed. It provides an alternative way to paint with the acrylics, and utilises some of the approaches from my Freedom to Paint Oils Workshop.

You can use any of the techniques I will teach you in your other works of art. Get so much more out of your acrylics when you know what else they can do.

No previous experience is necessary for this workshop. I will show you the steps, and in fact we will spend day 1 of 3 days on sample boards exploring how to create delicious texture, combinations and I will show you how to get handle the palette knife as well plus I will share colour recipe combinations you will love.

I'll help you work out your colour combinations before you go to the canvas

Painting in this way brings me back to the very first paintings I ever created when I had no skills but that creative energy was desperate for an outlet. 

There is something very attractive about the outcome of painting in a direct way. They have a unique energy of their own that energises others! 

Those paintings I made were soon claimed by others who loved them as passionately to hang in their homes as I had enjoyed making them!

This workshop is perfect for you if;
ü You love splashes of colour
ü Luscious is your middle name
ü You love spontaneity
ü You love the delight of exploring your creativity not having set outcomes
ü You love to master stunning colour combinations
ü You enjoy engaging with texture
ü You are looking to be playful with your creativity
ü You want to know how to get more out of your acrylics
ü You are curious to know what you can do with the palette knife
ü You are keen for a wider range of expressive tools in your paintings to deliver a wider range of results

When I paint like this the painting emerges quickly before my eyes and delights my senses. It's how I started painting and every now again I like to go back to that place and let rip! 

And that's exactly what my Melbourne 3 day workshop delivered in August -creating a beautiful textured floral painting full of expression, delicious layers and loads of creative energy unleashed! And getting the acrylics to look as luscious as the oils!

Join me for three days as I show you how to build layers and textures, including impasto, gold leaf, how to work Wet on wet and dry on dry , glazing , building up your surface from chiaroscuro to rich paint combinations , creating the accidental marks, and sharing colour recipes you can practice before taking them to the canvas.

We combine drawing and painting on the canvas, along with impasto and a range of textured paint applications, stunning colour combos and colour recipes. 

I will teach you new techniques to choose to apply to your painting then we will be painting a 1 metre square stunning canvas and having a lot of fun doing it. Let your creativity out to play! 
This workshop is a feast for your senses!

You will also create another smaller series of paintings which are the practice run for the techniques.

I love returning to this painting style featuring an explosion of colour and energy.  It's fun and freeing yet the success of these works will be underpinned by a knowledge of what works together and trying it before you hit the canvas. 

Absolutely no previous experience necessary
This is a one off so first in best dressed!

Included ;
ü Art supplies for large canvas
ü Sample boards 
ü Handheld tuition and loads of demos of how to apply the acrylics and other materials in new textural ways to make them look like oils
ü Catered lunch provided so you can focus on your art
ü Paint Brush Licence
ü Palette knife licence session 
ü Getting your acrylic paint to look like oils session 
ü Take home pack of Reference to paint more paintings
ü Daily workshop hours of 9-5.30pm
ü Free parking on site at St James Hall
ü Morning and afternoon tea

Pay for your course in 3 easy instalments
If you would like to join the group, the cost is $1680, and you are welcome to arrange to pay it in three parts with Nicole, my book keeper who also takes the bookings, as long as I have an upfront payment of $500 prior to the workshop.

Nicole Sweeny on M 0412 587 438 or Jacqueline Coates M 0429 100 929
Take home a beautiful painting and the satisfaction & confidence of knowing you can easily do more!

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