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BRISBANE 2 Day Blooms Workshop MARCH 15 &16, 2017

Learn to paint & gain confidence at
my 2 day
Blooms Workshop
BRIS Mar 15 & 16 
( Blooms March 6-12 is full)
Create a mid size painting from start to finish in two days

Check these dates in your diary;

An easy to get to venue in the city
METRO ARTS; 109 Edwards Street, Brisbane

Hours 9am -5.40pm each day with breaks

All catering provided!

Enjoy a beautiful painting you created yourself!


If you’ve never painted before then this will be the perfect start for you. If you have painted with me previously and want to push yourself further then this will be a great chance to review and practice, and may be try something you haven’t done before. Reboot for 2017!


Learn how to handle acrylic paint, how to get it to do what you want, so you can create successful paintings.

Let me show you how to blend paint and colour mix.

Enjoy loads of demos so you understand what you are doing and you can do it for yourself with my proven and NO FAIL Blooms Painting Method™

Not everyone can make it to one of my 6 day blooms painting workshops and the BRISBANE Blooms Workshop MARCH 6-12 is full so I'm offering my proven 2 day Blooms Painting experience which I just ran in Melbourne in January with STUNNING RESULTS and happy clients where you will emerge not only with a beautiful mid-sized painting, but the know-how of how to paint more.

What you get in your two days Blooms Workshop;

·        Learn or review if a second timer, the Jacqueline Coates Blooms Painting Method®, a NO FAIL system of painting that anyone can do. No need to have a creative bone in your body. Promise!

·        Learn to mix useful colour combinations I rely on for great paintings

·        How to blend paint exercises that will put you in control of your painting process and finish

·       What brushes do which job on your painting and why

·       How to keep your paint moist and flowing and avoid dry or gluggy paint

·        Get your Paint Brush License when I take you through all the ways to handle your paint

·        All art supplies included and a set of brushes

·       Lunches and refreshments throughout

·       Use of an easel provided for you

·       A canvas of  30 x 40 inches (76cm x 101cm)
This is Cheryl Erskine who was a total painting newbie a couple of years ago but has learned to paint and can now call her self an artist. The canvas she is painting is the same depth we will be painting but we will have a rectangle shape
·       Beautiful Blooms Painting Photo reference to choose from including magnolias, roses, peonies, pears, frangipanis, water lilies, iris and more.

·       Receive a second image to choose to do from home with my compliments, that will create a painting you can sell.

·       How to work out what colours to use in your painting and how to create a Blooms Colour Harmony Chart so you know how to mix those colours before you even start the painting.

·        A hard copy of my Get your Paint Brush License Manual about to go online for $99. Be the first to enjoy my super handy tips you can’t live without about handling your paint and your brushes. Just like learning to drive a car you need to know the rules so you can drive your paint brush effectively to get the results you want. Take the pain out of painting! 

The first step to painting is knowing your brush and how to control it! I show you how when I take you through the steps to Get your Paint Brush License!
·       An online preview about colour mixing greens I’ll send to you before the workshop.

·       Thoughtful compassionate teacher who encourages you to overcome any blocks and to solve any painting issues so you get to feel great about your work!

·       Loads of live demos so you see what words can’t always describe, from the action of my paint brush, to how I pick up the paint and how often use several colours on the brush at once.


Let me help you find that painter within!

Learn all about acrylics and how to handle them.

How much is this one off 2 day Blooms workshop?

The two-day Blooms workshop with inclusions is worth $1200 but I am offering 10 places  ( two places are already booked) for $997 to get you off to a great creative start for 2017. 

Once the places go that’s it because I have to get home to my kids in South Australia. I'm excited to share my new format because it makes a huge difference to the clients who have taken it.!


I always choose a painting studio space with natural light spacious for us to work in.

*NB! I didn't say you had to be talented to do this by the way. Thanks to my Blooms Painting Method™, enjoy a system of painting where anyone can get a great result even if at this stage you aren't sure which end of the paint brush does what! Okay, a tip for you... its the soft fuzzy end that gets to have the paint on it, it's not for tickling yourself!

My belief is that anyone can paint when shown how. Leave that part to me! I've taught thousands of newbies who have gone on to great things as painters! Just get yourself to my workshop. The rest will happen when we get together. 
I share all my secrets and the Blooms Painting Method I have buffed and honed over the years and that’s why my students create such amazing painting from scratch!
This student was totally delighted with her painting results at the Blooms 2 Day Workshop in Melbourne

I take on newbies all the time and turn them out as painting whirling dervishes! Shocking yes! Business as usual to create excellence for my students, absolutely. 
Kathy was a total newbie at the Melbourne Blooms Workshop and kindly gave me this feedback about her painting experience over the 2 days Blooms Workshop

And in case you are fantasising that you will be the only one at the workshop that can't do it, stop right there. It has never happened!!!  I've never met an inner critic, and I have met some douzies!, that I couldn't  turn into a pussycat by the end of a workshop! LOL! So tell your picky inner critic to have a good lie down and relax! Everyone gets a great result no matter what!

Maria from the Melbourne 2 Day workshop enjoyed learning new skills at my 2 Day Blooms Painting Workshop and what a result she created!

How to book in for the 2 Day Blooms Workshop at a value packed $997

You can either ;
A deposit of $300 is required at time of booking.

This workshop booked out in days last time so first in best dressed! I was still receiving lovely thank-you messages about the workshop weeks after returning home from Melbourne. I'm looking forward to this workshop too and working with you to get a result you will love!

Learn how to paint and go home with a beautiful painting to prove it!

12 places  ( 10 left because I sold two places before I launched it!!!) at $997 but be quick!

Winnie from Melbourne Blooms 2 Day in January-

I had a good time and learned a lot. I never expected I could do so much in two days so I'm really happy about that . 


Become an even better painter so painting beautiful creations is the norm for you.

Book the BLOOMS PLUS Pack which includes all of the above and get a great discount off the How to Paint Blooms e-course that has helped hundreds of newbies become artists with a weekly e-class, online membership and art tips.

Here I am with some of the paintings you will learn how to paint up in the How to Paint Blooms online e-course offered as a part off the BLOOMS PLUS PACK! 

That’s right! When you finish your workshop we can if you like go on to continue our tuition online at your own pace. Continue to build a beautiful body of work, one painting at a time.

Enjoy our private face book members page and share your work with others on the painting journey. I keep an eye on your work at home as you paint from the weekly e-lessons.

You can take the e-lessons at your own pace. Although there is a year of e-lessons, you can take as long as you like to do them. Do some or do them all! This course has produced some wonderful painters.

My How to Paint Blooms usually comes to a total of $779 for 52 weekly lessons, (allow about two hours a week),  online membership and my famous how to mix hundreds of colours from 5 tubes of paint exercise which can save you hundreds of dollars. It’s great value that my students rave about.

Now for my irresistible offer. (Just letting you know in advance this could be hard to say no to!)

When you purchase my How to Paint Blooms with the Blooms 2 Day Workshop the total comes to $1599 instead of $1776. That’s a further saving on top of the $203 you saved for the workshop value, of $178. Do the sums and you will see that’s $381 savings because you are purchasing up front.

That’s crazy great value for a live workshop, hand held painting tuition then the follow up of a year’s worth of tuition that will making a pleasure and the norm for you, plus meet other like minded students online. Finish the year in a totally different place creatively!

Okay, there’s more!
And I will throw in a bonus of 10 beautiful photo references to add to your photo reference library, when painted up will be worth thousands of dollars. Earn while you learn! Sell as you go!

Learn how to work out your colours for your painting before you even hit the canvas to paint it! Here's a painting at midway.

Not only will you finish with a Blooms 2 day workshop certificate and your Paint Brush License, you will be connected to my How to paint blooms 52 week e- course that you can do at your own pace afterwards  because I've included it for you in the BLOOMS PLUS pack. Do some or do it all. Do it in one go or a bit at a time taking your time.
I've had plenty of students who have cash converted their paintings done in this course and created an excellent return. I call that earn while you learn.

Total cost Blooms Plus Pack $1597 including bonuses

How to Book your 2 Day workshop or the Blooms Plus Pack plus bonuses at $1597

Book in by calling me on M 0429 100 929 or
A deposit of $500 is required at time of booking.

As a Blooms Plus client enjoy our Facebook forum for students of the How to Paint Blooms and share your results you create at home in an encouraging supportive painting community.

Make new friends with other students who are also keen to paint. I'll comment and provide tips when you share your work on our page because I want to see how you are going after our two days together.

Here is what others have said about my How to Paint Blooms Online Course:

‘I won first prize in the art show and sold a piece too!’
Hi Jacqueline
Just thought you would like to know ……. I decided to do the Pale Pink Peony …….Just thought I would put it in the Boorowa Show (agricultural) and I put both in the Novice section and got first for my peony and second prize for the pears. (There were several other entries there)  And I even sold the peony.  Although it is still not perfect someone loved it and had to buy it.  Very exciting. 
Thanks again for your help.
Kind Regards
Barbara Manion, NSW

Painting course cured stress!
Dear Jacqui
I have just completed lesson 51 and I see that you only go to 52.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my course and it has taken me away from the
stresses and worries that I have had.
I have a large collection of paintings and have sold a few which is
Thanks for all you have done for me
God Bless
Sondra xxx

It’s like you are there with me while I paint
Hi Jac,
I’m ringing to tell you that I am absolutely loving it!
I am painting and you wouldn’t believe how well I am going!
I have to tell you  your step by step instructions work so well. It’s like you are there, over my shoulder, helping me.
I am absolutely loving it!

Annie Marshall, South Australia

 JOIN ME IN BRISBANE FOR THIS GREAT 2 DAY BLOOMS EVENT with the option of having the online course at a discount with bonuses!

Here are the offers again;

How to book in for the 2 Day Blooms Workshop at $997

Call my mobile 0412 587 438 and Nicole will give you a call back to book you in and arrange your deposit. 
A deposit of $300 is required at time of booking.
But be quick. My 2 day Blooms Workshop is a special offer at $997 and places are limited.

How to Book your Blooms Plus Pack plus bonuses at $1597

Book in by calling my mobile on M 0412 587 438 
A deposit of $500 is required at time of booking.

See you in BRISBANE with paint brushes in our hands creating our masterpieces!

Let’s make 2017
our most creative year ever !

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