Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What colours should I buy?

What colours should I buy?

When starting out as an artist you will need to see what paints you have. If you have some already you may only need to top them up.

Here is my recommended start up list;

1.               BASIC LIST of Winsor & Newton Artist Acrylic Colour Professional quality

These paints go a long way and have powerful high quality pigments. They also wont disappoint because unlike any other range out there they have a clear binder medium ensuring next to no colour shift when the paint dries. Enjoy brilliant colour in your paintings. 

·         Cadmium Red Series 3…$18.40
·         French Ultramarine Series 2..$15.85
·         Cadmium Yellow light Series 3..$18.40
·         Cadmium Yellow Medium... Series 3..$14.50
·         Cadmium Yellow Deep Series 3..$18.40
·         Permanent Sap Green Series 3..$18.40
·         Burnt Umber Series 1….$12.50
·         Yellow Ochre  Series 1…$12.50
·         Quinacridone Magenta...Series 3…$18.40
·         Alizarin crimson permanent Series 3… $18.40
·         Viridian or Pthalo Blue Green shade  Series 2….$15.85
·        Permanent rose Series 3…$18.40
·         Quinacridone Violet Series 3…$18.40
·         Quinacridone Red  Series 3…$18.40
·         Raw sienna  Series 1…..$12.50
·         Cerulean blue hue Series 2…… $15.85
·         Perylene Violet Series 4……….$31.05

·         Titanium White 200 ml Series 1…..$32.80 (RRP $34.75)
·         Mars Black 200 ml Series 1…………..$32.80 (RRP $34.75)

Total of Basic set $347.30 plus postage

Free with the above W and N set of four flat edge bristle brushes as used in the exercises . ONE of each size 2,6,8 and 10.

From this selection, you can make most of the colours you need.

   2.         Student quality Range very handy to have and makes your paints go further

I also like to have a set of Reeves which is a student quality paint but has very handy colours, including some excellent pinks and greens, premixed grey, flesh tones. $5.95  Set of 38 is $226.10
Free charcoal sticks

946ml  $50


Brushes canvas roll pack $30  (18  Bristle brushes flats and rounds)

Spoil yourself;
If you want the range I use for my W and N paints you might like to add the following or order them at another time as your collection grows;

·         Cobalt Green Series 4…$31.05
·         Perylene Green Series 4…$31.05
·         Payne’s Gray Series 1… $12.50
·         Davey’s Grey Series 1…$12.50
·         Graphite Grey Series 2…$15.85
·         Green Gold Series 4…..$31.05
·         Naples Yellow Series 2…$15.85
·         Raw Umber Light Series 1…$12.50
·         Potters Pink Series 3… $18.40
·         Quinacridone Burnt Orange Series 4…$31.05
·         Dioxazine Purple Series 3…..$18.40

Total of spoil yourself W and N  addition; $230.20


Pack and handle no charge.

Postage inc sign on delivery eastern states approx. $45 for all the above. Will only charge what the cost is.

How to order;

To order please indicate which sections you’d like.

Please supply address and phone number to M 0429 100 929

Either phone or email credit card details or arrange a deposit
I can send an invoice with direct deposit details.

The parcel will be sent!

Kind regards

Jacqueline Coates
Salon Rouge Gallery
19 Carrington St
Kapunda SA 5373

M 0429 100 929

My best email is jacquelinecoates@bigpond.com

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